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“The Bachelors Australia” Finale Recap, Proposals and Farewells



The Bachelors Australia Finale Recap, Proposals and Farewells

Tough choices were made on last night’s season finale of “The Bachelors Australia” after a season of ups and downs and inner turmoil.

Keeping things brief, Thomas bid Lauren farewell and then proposed marriage to an ecstatic Leah.

Jed told Angela that he couldn’t commit to her since he couldn’t predict how much time he’d be gone from work. Angie, stunned and appalled, demanded explanations and walked away from the conversation visibly shaken.

But Jed risked his heart and proposed nevertheless, despite the fact that he knew Alésia didn’t want a proposal and that the ring was a major problem for their relationship. The pair, realising that open lines of communication were crucial to their future together, gave each other rings without actually proposing marriage.

As much as Felix needed to make a choice, Jessica had to choose a course of action for him as well.

Felix doubted his bond with Jessica right up until the end, when he said goodbye to Abigail. When she told Felix she was over Damien and looking forward to a future with him, he said he was excited to see where their relationship was headed.

All three couples toasted to a bright future but only Jed and Alésia are still together. “Me and Alesia are in a really good place,” Jed said in an interview with 10 Play, “we’re taking it day by day and are excited to actually just have a coffee with each other and live a normal life after this.”

Thomas also revealed to 10 play that he and Leah were no longer a couple “I think it was two or three months after the finale,” he said, “we had an amazing time together and we spent incredible moments together on the show and also after the show… but we realised, spending time together, we had lots of love and care for each other but we weren’t compatible and compatibility is so important. We made the decision to stay friends, to still support one another but obviously go our different routes finding love.”

The Bachelors Australia airs on Channel 10 and 10 Play.