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The Bachelors Australia Last Night, Courtney Leaves, Kiki and Krystal Eliminated



Last night on The Bachelors Australia, with still so much to play for it was time to bring in the experts on last night’s show in the form of a sexologist and relationship coach. As we know from prior seasons, these talks are make or break for our Bachelors and this season was no exception.

There was no denying that Felix and Jessica’s polyamorous relationship was at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Felix confidently left, having stated his desire for monogamy to Jessica and knowing that she intended to sever things with Damien.

Jessica had a chat with Abigail before the Rose Ceremony and confessed that she has no plans to end her relationship with Damien. Abigail tells Krystal the news, and the two of them are astounded by the callous behaviour they’ve just heard.

While all was going on, Courtney had a moment alone with Jed to tell him she was leaving the mansion leaving Alésia and Angela to meet the family. Thomas bid farewell to Kiki before introducing Leah and Lauren to his mother, and Felix said the same to Krystal leaving Abigail and Jessica as his final ladies.

The Bachelors Australia continues tonight at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.