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The Bachelors Australia Last Night, Wednesday 25 January on 10



Thomas had already made up his mind about who he would choose, but Felix and Jed still had time to deliberate before Sunday nights big finale.

On Wednesday’s episode, concerned family members posed difficult questions, and Damien returned, adamant that he would not give up Jessica.

Felix told Abigail’s closest friend Georgia that he wanted to be in a monogamous relationship, while Abigail tattled on Jessica to Felix’s mother, saying that Jessica had no plans to commit to a single partner.

When Jessica and her brothers introduced Damien to Felix’s family, Damien instructed her brother to stay out of the relationship talk, while Felix kept pressing the polyamorous couple for an explanation.

In contrast to the warm reception he received from Angela’s family, Jed was met with disapproval by Alesia’s loved ones while an engagement was being discussed.

Thomas, meanwhile, had completed all of the necessary steps and was prepared to make his mother an extremely happy woman by proposing.

Everything will be revealed on Sunday night. Who will leave with a ring and who will leave alone?

The Bachelors Australia finale will air Sunday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.