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The Block 2021 Episode 29 – Kirsty and Jesse take out their first week



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On Sunday night’s The Block (7.30pm Channel 9) it’s Saturday morning on The Block and everyone is getting ready for the big kitchen week reveal.

The Kinsman kitchens are all very different and it all looks amazing.

Foreman Dan isn’t happy about Mark’s performance criticising Ceaserstone for getting the height of their bench wrong – when in fact, it is what he ordered.

Josh’s parents and Luke’s fiancée Olivia arrive back on The Block.

The twins are very proud to show their Dad around The Block, Kevin has been diagnosed with asbestos related cancer that is terminal.

The twins are very clear – the rumours that other contestants are pissed off because they have Olivia onsite to help them are rubbish. They are not cheating, they claim.

Everyone finishes their kitchens as Scotty calls Tools Down.

Ronnie and Georgie spent $39,396:  There were big smiles from all three judges as they walked into Ronnie and Georgia’s kitchen.  Darren said the cooking zone was just right according to Darren. Shaynna would have like the island bench to be bigger. The Butler’s Pantry didn’t have a wow factor. But overall, another solid week for Ronnie and Georgia.

Mitch and Mark spent $33,758:  Initially the judges all loved the look of Mitch and Mark’s kitchen. They thought the breakfast area with table and the original window was very nicely done. But there is a big problem for the judges – there  is no obvious pantry. Mitch and Mark went down a route using draws as a pantry, but the judges think for an Australian home in a suburb like Hampton, this is a big mistake.  Mitch and Mark are not happy at all about the judges feedback.

Tanya and Vito spent $27,083:  It was a real risk for Tanya and Vito to import the terrazzo bench top from New York, but the judges loved it. The big issue they had with this kitchen was the functionality and the layout, where the fridge is placed particularly. They loved the Butler’s Pantry. Some positives and negatives.

Josh and Luke spent $33,024:   A very sophisticated effort from the twins. The judges loved the Christian Cole bench top. It was a sexy kitchen according to the judges.  There was a few functionality issues in the Butler’s Pantry including the fact there was no dishwasher. But overall, it was a good result for the boys.

Kirsty and Jesse spent $49,085:  A stunning and modern kitchen. The judges loved the Kinsman draws and layout. The wallpaper was amazing. The Island bench was expansive and functional. A bin, a big bin at that, another plus. The right kitchen for Kirsty and Jesse’s house, they nailed it.

So the points are in, and Kirsty and Jesse receive their very first win. They are over the moon.