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The Block Last Night; Family Challenge House



The challenge house is the focus of tonight’s show as our Blockheads put in a lot of effort to renovate Tim and Tyler’s house in Gisborne.

Tom needs to visit the hospital because a piece of glass got stuck in his finger and caused an infection. Tom appears to be a frequent visitor to the hospital, so Sarah-Jane is unconcerned.

Foreman Keith praises Omar, Oz, and their builder Danny, saying that they are outperforming the other contestants this week and doing an excellent job.

He doesn’t like Sharon and Ankur, on the other hand. They take a call from Keith as they are out looking for the challenge house. In their living or dining room, nobody is at work. According to Sharon, her team is unhappy about the extended lunch break.

All of our contestants go to the challenge home to finish remodelling Tim and Tyler’s house.

As they complete the house for Tim and Tyler and their struggling families, it is a difficult time.

All of our competitors understand the gravity of the situation and are ecstatic for Tim and Tyler. It puts into perspective all of the effort put forth at The Block.

Darren Palmer is the surprise guest judge, and he awards $10,000 to the teams of Tom and Sarah-Jane, Rachel and Ryan, and Dan and Duncan.

Everyone returns to The Block satisfied that they have done something special for Tim and Tyler and their families.

The Block continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9.