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The Block Last Night on 9; Sharon triumphs in the challenge



In last night’s episode of The Block, Rachel has returned from a trip to Sydney to see her three children. It was wonderful to see her babies, and she is much happier now.

Sharon is attempting to stay on top of the budget, recognising that she has already spent 20% of her and Ankur’s Mitre 10 budget.

Our contestants are all curious about country style, which the judges clearly desire. They got a hint when they went to see the rooms Scott Cam has already finished in his house.

Dylan and Jenny took a close look at what Scotty was doing in the hopes of improving. In House No.4, they intend to use chequered Grafico wallpaper in their guest bedroom.

On The Block, Tom, Oz, and Omar are developing a bromance.

Sharon and Ankur are the most affected by The Block’s reality.

The Domain Nosy Neighbour Challenge is The Block’s first challenge. Our contestants must visit three incredible houses in the Macedon Ranges while pretending to be nosy neighbours and asking numerous questions.

Finally, Scotty hosts a quiz, and the winner receives $5000.

There is a clear winner at the end of a long day. Sharon is so quick at answering correctly that she wins the much-needed $5000 prize.

It’s a huge confidence booster after such a difficult start to the week.

They also take out the gnome, which grants them an extra point in the judging that they can use whenever they want.

The Block continues Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now