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The Block Last Night; Weather Woes



Our contestants all have a lot to do with only 48 hours until the reveal of the living and dining rooms.

This is significant because these are the largest rooms in The Block’s history.

Sarah-Jane has gotten into the habit of managing her finances, shopping online, and producing her best work in the morning from her bedroom.

To anyone who will listen, her husband Tom has been adamant that finishing House No. 1 will be impossible. Their living and dining room is the largest room ever featured on the show, measuring 107 square metres.

The Block contestants also have to deal with Gisborne’s bitterly cold climate. It’s challenging because it’s muddy, chilly, and wet outside.

While making their rounds, Scott and Shelley make fun of Tom and Sarah’s seating arrangements for Jane. Scotty believes Rachel and Ryan will likely prevail this week.

When Rachel and Ryan meet with Darren Palmer, he offers them wise counsel and exhorts them to maintain optimism and believe in their gut feelings. The Sydney couple’s situation is improving as a result of their attitude change.

Ankur and Sharon intend to construct a market garden that will significantly increase the value of House No. 3 once their Suncorp Gamechanger is approved.

Everyone on The Block is fascinated by the 3D printed pool cabana that Country 3D is building. Due to the show’s emphasis on sustainability, it’s a Block first.

The Next episode of The Block airs Sunday 26 September at 7.00pm on Channel 9.