The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS Tuesday July 9, 2024)

The Bold and the Beautiful

On the Tuesday July 9 episode of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ Steffy enjoys spending time with Thomas, Paris, and Douglas, embracing their dynamic as a family. Steffy reiterates her happiness for Thomas’s engagement to Paris, in contrast to his complicated relationship with Hope Logan.

Thomas and Paris’ wedding plans progress, including choosing the Forrester estate as their venue. Thomas and Paris may also consider involving Steffy and Douglas in their wedding party, fostering stronger bonds.

Meanwhile, Hope finds herself crushing on John “Finn” Finnegan again, despite his marriage to Steffy and warnings from both Steffy and Li Finnegan to maintain distance. Finn’s recent compliments and gestures toward Hope have only intensified her feelings.

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This episode of The Bold and the Beautiful’ airs on CBS, on Tuesday July 9, 2024 at 1:30pm.

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