The Bold and the Beautiful, Wednesday May 1, 2024, CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful

In the Wednesday May 1 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge and Steffy discuss Deacon’s insistence that Sheila is still alive. Steffy ridicules Deacon’s theory, attributing Finn’s distraction to Deacon’s persistent claims. Both Ridge and Steffy fear that Finn, vulnerable at this time, may be influenced by Deacon’s words. Knowing Finn’s strange connection with Sheila, they worry that Deacon might exploit it and convince Finn that Sheila is alive. Unbeknownst to them, Deacon’s wild theory turns out to be true, as Finn himself helps prove it by finding Sheila.

Finn recognizes Sheila’s need for medical attention but is currently chained up and unable to leave. Finn and Deacon set out to find a way to break the chain and free Sheila. With their combined efforts, Sheila is eventually released and taken to a hospital for treatment. Grateful for their help, Sheila recounts her story to Finn and Deacon, revealing how “Sugar,” aka Janet Webber, lured and imprisoned her in the building.

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Meanwhile, Liam and Ivy reminisce about their romantic past, and the spark between them ignites as they reconnect. Ivy seizes the moment and kisses Liam again, but their cozy moment at Il Giardino is interrupted by Steffy, who questions Ivy’s intentions with Liam.

This episode of The Bold and the Beautiful airs Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 1:30 p.m. on CBS.

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