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The Brothers: The Complete Series Two Region 2 DVD Release 9 Nov



It’s been a long wait for fans of this classic 1970’s series to see it arrive on DVD. Good to see that Simply Media seem to be at long last bringing The Brothers to us. The complete second series is released on 9 November 2015.

Written and created by N.J.Crisp (Dixon of Dock Green) and Gerard Glaister (Dr Finlay’s Casebook) and starring Jean Anderson (The Railway Children), this long running TV gem has been unavailable since its broadcast in 1973 and is now released as a bumper four-disc set.

Robert Hammond has just died. Beloved father, husband and chairman of a lucrative trucking company, his heart failed him whilst ‘doing the nasty’ with his secretary…

Preparing to take over the family business, eldest son Edward (Patrick O’Connell replaces Glyn Owen from this second season onwards) is delivered a shock when the funeral reveals that Robert has split his fortune four ways – to all three brothers and his secretary Jennifer (Jennifer Wilson – Z Cars).

Edward, a gruff and no nonsense chip-off-the-old-block must now juggle working with his brothers and father’s mistress, something that is easier said than done. Brian (Richard Easton – Finding Forrester) is an accountancy wizard with a domineering wife whilst David (Robin Chadwick – Waugh On Crime) is a ‘second class honours, first class layabout’ arts graduate. If that wasn’t enough Jennifer has revealed the biggest secret of all – her and Robert’s love child.

With their interfering mother Mary (Anderson) driving a wedge between the increasingly flirty Edward and Jennifer, alongside strike action and continuous debt threatening the firm, can these unlikely bedfellows pull together to save the business and secure a profit?

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