The Cleaning Lady, April 16, 2024, FOX, “Velorio”

The Cleaning Lady

In the latest episode of The Cleaning Lady, titled “Velorio,” tensions rise as Ramona becomes increasingly suspicious of Thony’s involvement with Arman, fearing that Thony and Nadia may jeopardize her plans with Jorge.

The episode, airing on FOX on Tuesday, April 16, will explore the complex dynamics between these characters as Ramona’s apprehension about Thony’s role in Arman’s life grows. Meanwhile, Jeremy steps up to offer his assistance, volunteering to install security equipment at Fiona’s house.

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The Cleaning Lady continues to deliver intense and gripping storylines as it delves into the aftermath of Arman’s death. Thony, a former surgeon, finds herself entangled in a web of secrets and suspicion while navigating the challenges of living as an undocumented immigrant and seeking medical treatment for her son.

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As the season progresses, Thony’s journey becomes increasingly fraught, and she finds herself forced to make difficult choices to protect her family.

The Cleaning Lady: Velorio airs on FOX at 8.00 pm on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

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