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The Curse of Oak Island: On Target (HISTORY February 20, 2024)



The Curse of Oak Island

In the upcoming episode of the long-running series “The Curse of Oak Island,” titled “On Target,” viewers will witness the continuation of the team’s relentless pursuit to uncover the hidden treasure believed to be buried on Oak Island. This gripping episode, which is part of Season 11, is scheduled to air on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 9:00pm on HISTORY.

The focus of this episode centers around Dumas Contracting Ltd., as they work in collaboration with representatives from the team. Their objective is to extend the Garden Shaft even further, bringing them within tantalizing proximity to a tunnel that could potentially lead them directly to the long-awaited treasure.

To achieve this goal, Dumas Contracting Ltd. has refurbished an 82-foot deep structure dating back to the mid-18th century and intends to delve twenty feet deeper underground. It is within this newly extended section that a mysterious tunnel was discovered one year prior—one that runs almost directly beneath the shaft and leads into an area intriguingly known as “The Baby Blob.” Through advanced water testing techniques, high trace evidence of gold, silver, and other metals have been detected in this area.

Simultaneously, The Lagina’s Fellowship embarks on a strategic core drilling program across various sections of Oak Island in search of additional valuable targets. By identifying these targets, Dumas can construct new underground tunnels that may provide access to untapped areas believed to hold significant potential for discovery.


On Lot 5—a piece of land acquired recently—the team collaborates with archaeologist Laird Niven and his associates in their ongoing investigation efforts. Of particular interest are two enigmatic stone features that may predate the discovery of the Money Pit by more than a century in 1795. Exciting findings were made last year on this property when metal detection expert Gary Drayton uncovered an ancient Roman coin and a lead barter token linked potentially with the 14th century lead cross discovered in 2017 at Smith’s Cove.

Furthermore, the team resumes their exploration of man-made structures in the swamp. Some of these structures have been dated back as far as eight centuries, providing remarkable insights into Oak Island’s rich historical past.

As significant discoveries continue to emerge from these endeavors on Oak Island, the team’s research will lead them on an unprecedented journey across multiple destinations in Europe and North America. These travels promise to reveal new and shocking evidence connecting the medieval order of the Knights Templar to what is arguably the world’s longest-running treasure hunt.

Be sure not to miss this riveting episode airing on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 9:00pm on HISTORY.


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