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The Great Australian Bake Off Research – Savoury or Sweet – Which do we love the best



It’s official: Aussies prefer sweet over savoury baked goods

Cheesecake ranked as the nation’s favourite sweet treat

Sausage roll and meat pie tie for beloved savoury good

To celebrate the much-loved The Great Australian Bake Off returning for a fifth season this week, FOXTEL has commissioned new research revealing Australia’s preferences for baked goods, sticking a fork in the age-old sweet vs savoury debate.

Polling Australians around the country, the research has affirmed Australia is a nation with the ultimate sweet tooth with 57 per cent opting for a sugar rush versus 43 per cent with a preference for savoury baked goods. The sunshine state (QLD) came in as the sweetest state with a resounding 63 per cent of respondents saying they prefer sweet treats.

Coming out of left field, one of the most divisive cakes – cheesecake – took out the number one spot for the most preferred sweet treat with Australia waving cult Aussie classics including lamingtons, ANZAC biscuits, and pavlova to the bottom of the list. 

Matt Moran, famed Australian chef and judge on The Great Australian Bake Off said:

“I’m not really surprised that Australia has voted sweet over savoury, I’ve always said that I’m sweet and Maggie [Beer] is savoury so it’s nice to have one up on her! A little surprising that cheesecake was number one but if that’s the case, everyone is going to love that we have Maggie’s very special technical cheesecake in the series which they’ll have to keep an eye out for!”

In the newest season of The Great Australian Bake Off, twelve new bakers will be donning their aprons and taking their place in the iconic Bake Off shed under the watchful eyes of judges Maggie Beer and Matt Moran and hosts Claire Hooper and Mel Buttle. Together Maggie and Matt judge the home baking enthusiasts over 10 weeks, as all the bakers will take on 30 delicious challenges to test their baking prowess, creativity, and skill.

The Great Australian Bake Off Premieres Thursday 27 January at 8.30pm on Foxel LifeStyle and On Demand.