The Greatest Tomb on Earth: Secrets of Ancient China (BBC Two, Monday 24 June 2024)

An epic story that could reshape our understanding of history unfolds in this documentary, The Greatest Tomb on Earth: Secrets of Ancient China. Airing on BBC Two on Monday, 24 June, the film looks into remarkable findings from China’s largest tomb, guarded by the iconic Terracotta Warriors.

Historian Dan Snow, physical anthropologist Professor Alice Roberts, and scientist-explorer Dr. Albert Lin lead this investigation, employing cutting-edge technology, ancient texts, and forensic science to uncover China’s early history.

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The team makes fascinating discoveries about the tomb of China’s first emperor, a site 200 times larger than Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. They explore the possibility of Greek influence in ancient Qin China and uncover an explosive secret from the early days of the Chinese empire.

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The documentary offers a unique perspective on China’s rich historical legacy and the cultural exchanges that may have shaped it.

The Greatest Tomb on Earth: Secrets of Ancient China airs Monday, 24 June 2024, at 10:00 PM on BBC Two.

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