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“The Hardy Boys” Official Season Two Trailer – Wed, Apr 6 on Hulu



The Hardy Boys: Season Two continues six months after the events of Season One, continuing the mystery and drama of the first season while also introducing new characters and suspicions.

When a Bridgeport classmate unexpectedly vanishes in Season 2, Frank (Rohan Campbell) and Joe Hardy (Alexander Elliot) abandon their new daily routine to resume their investigation. However, when they discover that the mystical relic they destroyed last year is still in use, it becomes evident that their seemingly simple missing person case is actually part of something far more nefarious.

As they race against time to uncover the truth, the Hardy boys and their pals must swiftly learn who they can and cannot trust, and eventually realise that no one is safe from their history.

The Hardy Boys Season 2 releases exclusively on Hulu on Wednesday, April 6.