The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation: Shipping Container Farms (CBS, May 25, 2024)

The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation

The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation returns with a brand-new episode, ‘Shipping Container Farms,’ airing on CBS on Saturday, May 25, 2024, at 11:30 AM. This episode explores a range of innovative topics, from a family dedicated to creating pet wheelchairs to the novel idea of growing produce in shipping containers.

In this episode, we get to meet a family with a unique and heartwarming mission: crafting customized wheelchairs for pets in need. By creating these specialized chairs, this family is improving the quality of life for animals across the country. The episode then shifts to the world of agriculture and an innovative approach to growing produce. We’ll explore the concept of farming inside shipping containers, a unique method that offers a range of benefits and could revolutionize the way we think about urban farming.

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The episode also features a segment on the brightest shoes designed for night runners, ensuring safety and visibility during evening workouts. Additionally, there is a look at the historic testing of soybeans, a crop that has had a significant impact on agriculture and cuisine.

Hosted by Mo Rocca.

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The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation: ‘Shipping Container Farms’ airs Saturday, May 25, 2024, at 11:30 AM on CBS.

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