The Jennifer Hudson Show: Shonda Rhimes, Elodie Yung, Cameron Clark (May 23, 2024)

The Jennifer Hudson Show

On Thursday, May 23, The Jennifer Hudson Show welcomes actress and producer Shonda Rhimes, actress Elodie Yung, and Cameron Clark to the show.

Rhimes will discuss her Netflix period drama Bridgerton and her upcoming book, “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.” Yung will talk about her role in the Fox drama series The Cleaning Lady, and Clark will join Rhimes to promote the documentary The 50, which he stars in.

Shonda Rhimes is an American television producer, screenwriter, and author. She is the creator of popular TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder, and is the founder of the production company Shondaland. Rhimes has been named to Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world and is one of the richest women entertainers in America, with a net worth of $250 million. Her Netflix series Bridgerton has been a massive success, with the first season breaking records by being watched by 82 million households worldwide in its first four weeks. The highly anticipated third season, which debuted on May 16, was the most-streamed show on Netflix last week, with 45 million views.

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Elodie Yung is a French actress known for her roles in Daredevil, The Defenders, and The Hitman’s Bodyguard. In The Cleaning Lady, she plays Thony De La Rosa, a Cambodian-Filipino doctor who comes to the U.S. for a medical treatment to save her ailing son. When the system fails her, she becomes a cleaning lady for the mob, using her intelligence and cunning to forge her own path in the criminal underworld.

Cameron Clark is one of the stars of the documentary The 50, which follows 50 men serving life sentences in a dangerously overcrowded and drug-saturated prison system. The men embark on a radical journey to become some of the first incarcerated substance abuse counselors in the country. The film is directed by Brenton Gieser and also stars Randy Carter and Al Roensch.

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The Jennifer Hudson Show airs weekdays in syndication.

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