The Kitchen, April 6, 2024, Food Network, “Celebrations of Salads”

The Kitchen

In this episode of The Kitchen, titled “Celebrations of Salads” and airing on Saturday April 6 on Food Network, the hosts celebrate salads in all their glory, showcasing a variety of recipes that go beyond the typical lettuce-based dish.

Katie Lee Biegel takes the lead, sharing her favourite salad creations. She starts with a trip down memory lane, preparing her BBQ Bacon Wedge Salad, a dish that combines the best of savoury and smoky flavours. Jeff Mauro joins her on this culinary journey, contributing his Blistered Tomato and Farro Shrimp Salad, a fresh and flavourful option.

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Sunny Anderson adds to the mix with her Big Kale Caesar, a modern twist on a classic favourite. Geoffrey Zakarian, on the other hand, showcases his Pasta Salad with Green Onion and Crushed Olive Vinaigrette, offering a unique take on pasta salads.

The episode also features Jeff’s World Famous Chicken Salad Sandwich, a fan favourite, and Katie’s Kitchen Sink Trough Salad, a hearty and colourful option.

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The Kitchen: Celebrations of Salads promises to inspire viewers to elevate their salad game and explore new flavours and combinations.

The Kitchen airs on Food Network at 11:00 am on Saturday, 6 April 2024.

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