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“The Low Tone Club” New Trailer from Disney+



The Low Tone Club

A trailer for Disney+’s Latin American original series “The Low Tone Club” debuted today. All 10 episodes of the series, which stars Colombian musician Carlos Vives, will debut on Disney+ on February 22.

Amaranto Molina (Vives) is an unorthodox music teacher in “The Low Tone Club.” He takes a job at a music school that only rewards students who achieve commercial success.

Principal Eduardo Kramer (Julián Arango) annually selects five students, dubbed The High Tones, to perform in the school’s elite Teen Band. However, Molina is responsible for The Low Tones, a group of pupils whose abilities are deemed insufficient by the institution.

This weird teacher and his band of misfit students, The Low Tones, are about to embark on a musical adventure that will do wonders for their self-expression and the healing of old wounds. A deeper understanding of Mr. Molina and his strange past awaits the students as they progress through the course.


“The Low Tone Club” also stars Kevin Bury (“Pa-Pi-Yón”), Elena Vives (“Amalia”), Brainer Gamboa (“Romario”), María Fernanda Marín (“Lala”), Catalina Polo (“Martina”), Gregorio Umaña (“Raphaelo”), Manuela Duque (“Roxana”), Salomé Camargo (“Cami”), Juan Camilo González (“Dardo”), Juan Diego Panadero (“Panchito”), Pitizion (“KJ”), Juan Manuel Lenis (“Peter”), Luis Fernando Salas (“Ocampo”), Giseth, Deisy and Zoila Mariano (“Triplets”), Melanie Dell´Olmo (“Sara”), and Sharik Abusaid (“Lina”).