The Luminaries Premieres Sun 31 Oct on Paramount+



Six part drama The Luminaries, a UK-New Zealand co-production set in the 1860’s, premieres on Paramount+ at the end of this month.

The drama stars Eve Hewson, Eva Green, Himesh Patel and Ewen Leslie

The story follows defiant young adventurer Anna Wetherell (Eve Hewson), who has sailed from Britain to New Zealand to begin a new life.

There she meets the radiant Emery Staines, an encounter that triggers a strange kind of magic that neither can explain. As they fall in love and are driven together and apart by fateful coincidence, these star-crossed lovers begin to wonder: do we make our fortunes, or do our fortunes make us?
With everything that that makes a good drama: murder, love and revenge, as men and women travel the world making their fortunes, this is unmissable TV.

The Luminaries Premieres Sunday 31 October on Paramount+.

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