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The Masked Singer: Katherine Ryan is Pigeon



The Masked Singer ITV Katherine Ryan is Pigeon

Tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer has seen the unmasking of another celebrity and this week it was the turn of Katherine Ryan’s Pigeon to say goodbye.

Katherine stunned the panel when she was revealed to be Pigeon and tweeting after the reveal there was genuine shock for her family too.

Who has been unmasked so far

Pigeon joins four other celebrities who have been unmasked.

The Masked Singer ITV Panel

The Masked Singer Panel


1. Ghost – Chris Kamara

Football presenter Chris Kamara was first to be unmasked. “My grandkids, we’ll sit around together and they’ll have no idea. They love this show. They just sing ‘take it off’ and grandad’s going to turn around!”

2. Piece of Cake – Lulu

Music icon Lulu was the next to be unmasked. “I loved watching the show and my grandchildren love watching the show. They love it and I love it and that’s why I’m here, it’s just such a fun show. It was funny they [the panel] didn’t get me straight away, I thought they’d guess me straight away.”

3. Cat & Mouse – Martin Kemp & Shirlie Kemp

The first duo to appear on the show, Cat & Mouse were revealed to be married couple Martin and Shirlie Kemp. “We loved it so much. You literally become possessed when you put the mask on,” said Martin.

4. Rubbish – Stephen Hendry

Last week saw the departure of Stephen Hendry who was revealed as Rubbish. “I love the show and always watch it. I always say it’s a guilty pleasure and great TV.”

The Masked Singer airs Saturday nights on ITV.