The Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders: Season 5 Episode 10 (Channel 5, 17 June 2024)

Traffic Cops

The Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders returns for another high-octane episode on Channel 5, airing Monday, 17 June 2024. In this installment, PC Jan Simlesa encounters a vehicle causing chaos in the Tyne Tunnel, with its driver suspected of being under the influence.

Meanwhile, PC Will Hunter’s instincts kick in when he notices dodgy driving on the Spire Bridge, leading to an unexpected discovery.

The episode sees the officers encountering a range of challenging situations. PC Jan Simlesa is called to a traffic disruption in the Tyne Tunnel, where a driver is escorted out of his car by tunnel workers who suspect drug influence.

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With white powder visible around the driver’s nose, Jan is reminded of a scene from “Trainspotting.” Elsewhere on the Spire Bridge in Sunderland, PC Will Hunter’s suspicions are aroused by erratic driving, leading him to follow the car to a tip, where he uncovers an uninsured driver with an even more concerning issue.

The action continues with Sergeant Dave Roberts witnessing shocking driving as a car reverses down the slip road of the central motorway. Unsurprisingly, the driver doesn’t have a valid license, and Dave is left with no choice but to seize the vehicle. The driver is more concerned about his wife’s reaction than the legal consequences.

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The night shift brings PC Marc Crammond and Jan together in the search for a stolen Ford Fiesta, leading them to the address of a known car thief and a set of cloned keys.

The Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders Season 5 Episode 10 airs Monday, 17 June 2024, at 8:00 PM on Channel 5.

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