The Motorway Hotel: Series Premiere (Channel 5, June 11, 2024)

Channel 5

The Motorway Hotel, a new reality series, premieres on Channel 5 on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, at 7:00 pm. The show offers a unique perspective on the operations of a family-run business located just off the M6 in Staffordshire, serving a diverse range of customers, from commuters and motorists to locals and road workers.

In this first episode, the hotel gears up for one of the most commercially significant nights of the year: Valentine’s Day. Head Chef James has crafted an entirely new menu to entice M6 motorists and locals alike, but he must first convince owners Chris and Dawn of its appeal. Motorway Hotel regular Greg, a breakdown rescue driver, faces the challenge of recovering an elderly couple from the side of the busy M6 as traffic zooms by.

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Meanwhile, bar staff, led by drinks boss Becky, aim to craft a special Valentine’s cocktail to enhance the romantic atmosphere. Barman Marcus eagerly takes on the task.

Additionally, Lou, who works on repairing the motorway bridges, drops in for a hearty meal of bangers and mash before embarking on vital repairs to the M6. Will he be able to complete his task before daybreak and ensure a smooth flow of traffic?

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The episode also introduces us to the Lewis clan, who own and manage the hotel, along with a dedicated team of staff, some of whom have become part of the furniture over the years. With Britain’s longest motorway as their backdrop, the team navigates the challenges of operating a bustling hotel, ensuring that The Motorway Hotel remains on a steady course.

The Motorway Hotel: Series Premiere airs Tuesday, June 11, 2024, at 7:00 pm on Channel 5.

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