The Nevermets: Episode 3 (Channel 4, Airdate: Friday, 7 June 2024)

Channel 4

In the latest installment of The Nevermets, Channel 4 shines a light on the fascinating world of couples who have formed long-distance relationships online without meeting in person. This third episode airing on Friday 7 June introduces us to several individuals who have found love in far-flung places and are now taking a leap of faith to turn their virtual connections into reality.

Matt, a 38-year-old factory supervisor from Warrington, has never had a girlfriend before he met Maria online. After three years of communicating from 7,000 miles apart, he is ready to take the next step and meet his Filipino love in person. As he prepares for his journey to the Philippines, we witness his hopes and anxieties about finally turning their online relationship into a physical one. Will their connection transcend the digital world?

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Meanwhile, in Dubai, 24-year-old law graduate Dumebi anxiously awaits her online boyfriend, Mazi. They’ve been together for 18 months, but this is the first time they’re meeting in person. Dumebi’s excitement turns to worry as Mazi is over an hour late, and she’s unable to reach him. Is this a case of history repeating itself, or will Mazi arrive and reassure Dumebi that their love is worth the wait?

The episode also checks in with 17-year-old college student Jay and his 26-year-old girlfriend, Veena, as they spend their final 48 hours together in Delhi. With their time together coming to an end, their thoughts turn to the future, and Veena expresses her strong desire to get married as soon as possible. How will Jay respond to this sudden pressure?

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In the Philippines, Sarah and Jgoy’s relationship seems to be on shaky ground. In an attempt to reconnect and salvage their bond, they embark on a day trip to an adventure park. Will this outing help them find the spark they once had and strengthen their relationship?

The Nevermets, Episode 3 airs on Channel 4 at 11:15 pm on Friday, the 7th of June, 2024.

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