The Night Caller: Season 1, Episode 3 (Channel 5, Tuesday, 9 July 2024)

Channel 5

The contemporary Liverpool-based thriller The Night Caller continues with its third episode, exploring the deepening obsession of a lonely taxi driver, Tony, with a late-night radio DJ, Lawrence. Tony, played by Robert Glenister, is a former teacher in his 50s who now drives a black cab during the night shift.

His life has taken a downward turn since losing his teaching job, leading to a loss of confidence, a collapsed marriage, and increasing isolation. He finds solace in his interactions with cafe worker Rosa (Suzanne Packer) and the radio broadcasts of DJ Lawrence (Sean Pertwee).

In this episode, Tony finds himself in the hospital, being treated by a nurse who happens to be his former pupil. Overcome with emotion, he breaks down as she recounts how his encouragement impacted her during her school days.

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DS Marshall arrives to question Tony about the violent attack he suffered, but he lies about the incident and feigns a panic attack to avoid probing further. Before leaving the hospital, Tony stumbles upon the room of Ste, who is in a coma due to his injuries, providing a stark reminder of the consequences of his actions.

Meanwhile, on NightTalk, Lawrence and his callers discuss the attack on Tony, with the DJ expressing genuine distress for him. The callers praise Tony as a local hero, but he is racked with guilt. At the night café, Rob advises Tony to leave town, revealing that Ste Murray is involved with dangerous people.

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Tony calls into NightTalk and learns that listeners have donated £2,000 to help him, but he humbly rejects the money, requesting that it be given to charity instead. Lawrence is impressed by Tony’s humility and expresses his pride in calling him a friend, a sentiment Tony reciprocates.

As Tony drives aimlessly, lost and spiraling emotionally, he encounters a serendipitous moment: Lawrence hails his cab, providing an opportunity for Tony to meet his hero in person. However, their encounter may reveal a different side of Lawrence, one that contrasts with his on-air persona.

The Night Caller episode 3 airs on Channel 5 at 9:00 PM on Tuesday, 9 July 2024. The final episode airs tomorrow night.

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