The Piano: Season 2 Episode 6 (Channel 4, Sunday 2 June 2024)

The Piano at Christmas

As the final concert draws near, the spotlight is on the chosen amateur pianists as they prepare to take on the big stage. But a surprise late change to the line-up by Mika and Lang Lang adds an unexpected twist. The pressure is on for the pianists to pull it all together in time, and they face a challenging path ahead with anxious moments and less-than-smooth rehearsals.

In this episode, airing on Channel 4 on Sunday 2 June, the chosen amateur pianists find themselves at a crucial juncture as they gear up for their much-anticipated final concert. However, their preparations take an unexpected turn when Mika and Lang Lang spring a last-minute change to the line-up, throwing the pianists into a state of flux. With the clock ticking, they must navigate anxious moments and overcome rocky rehearsals to ensure they’re ready for the big stage.

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With the final concert looming, the pressure is on, and audiences will be keen to see if the pianists can overcome these last-minute hurdles and deliver a harmonious performance.

The Piano Season 2 Episode 6 airs Sunday 2 June 2024 at 9:00 pm on Channel 4.

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