The Repair Shop 2024 Episode 8 (BBC One, 12 June 2024)

The Repair Shop Repairers

A new episode of The Repair Shop airs on BBC One on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. In this episode, the team takes on a diverse range of repairs, from a BMX bike with a special meaning to a unique piece of World War I manufacturing equipment.

Tim Gunn kicks things off by welcoming Sharon from Swindon, who brings in a BMX bike that holds a special place in her husband Dave’s heart. Dave, who lives with Chiari malformation, a condition affecting the cerebellum and balance, rediscovered his childhood passion for freestyle BMX thanks to Sharon’s gift. Despite his diagnosis, Dave rode the bike for years, but eventually had to stop due to muscle weakness and fatigue. Tim sets out to restore the bike to its former glory, aiming to bring back the gleaming mirrored finish that Dave remembers.

The episode also sees the arrival of Barbara and Stefan from Holloway Fire Station, who seek help from art restorer Lucia Scalisi. They present her with a painting by retired firefighter Colin Jones, which hangs in their mental well-being garden. The painting, depicting firefighters with a fire in the background, is weather-worn and covered in mold, with a substantial tear in the canvas. Lucia carefully removes the mold and repairs the tear, restoring the painting to its original state.

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Ceri from Cardiff brings in an authentic gown that once belonged to Danny LaRue, a legendary entertainer and female impersonator. Textile conservator Rebecca Bissonet takes on the challenge of repairing the dress’s frayed train and reinforcing the stitching to secure the diamantes. Ceri, inspired by Danny’s performances, is thrilled to have the dress restored so he can continue to share Danny’s story.

Lastly, brothers Nick and Chris from Suffolk bring in a unique family heirloom: a dynamometer from the early 1900s. This device was used in their family business, a sack manufacturer, to measure the strength of twine used in coal bags and sandbags.

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The dynamometer played a crucial role during World War I, when the company produced sandbags for the British army. Horologist Steve Fletcher and wood restorer Will Kirk collaborate to get the seized-up dial working again and restore the timber elements, allowing Nick and Chris to test the dynamometer once more.

The Repair Shop 2024 Episode 8 airs Wednesday, 12 June 2024, at 8:00 PM on BBC One.

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