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The Repair Shop Australia Premieres May on LifeStyle



On The Repair Shop Australia, host Dean Ipaviz leads a team of highly experienced craftspeople who come to the rescue of valued possessions to be restored to their former glory.

The series will broadcast on LifeStyle on Tuesdays at 8.30pm starting May 3.

The Repair Shop crew not only saves and restores these things, but also the beloved memories they contain. From family treasures to loved ones’ priceless possessions, they’re lovingly restored, re-establishing a connection to family and history, and bringing previous and future generations together.

Host Dean Ipaviz, a responsible builder and sustainability expert leads this ultimate dream team of repairers:

Aaron Douglas Wales – Leather craftsmen. Working in leather for over 10 years, Aaron has always enjoyed all things ‘old world’, from blacksmithing and saddle making and runs his own workshop, repairs leather items, and sells his handmade leather goods.

Andrew Markerink – Horologist. Clockmaking has been in the family since the 18th Century and Andrew’s business has primarily been focused on conservation of high quality and antique clocks and watches dating as far back as the late 1600s.

Britta de Laat – Furniture restorer. Britta runs her own business which sources old, unsought pieces of furniture and turns them into unique, truly beautiful statement objects- she loves turning someone’s trash into treasure.

Erin Keys – Jeweller. A passionate jewellery tutor, designer, and educator with 20 years’ experience with a diverse range of achievements in various facets of craft and design, Erin she runs her own jewellery school and workshops.  .

Majella Beck – Metal worker. A metalworker, qualified jeweller and boilermaker by trade, Majella has been teaching for the past 20 years, with her students describing her as a “metal nerd”.

Paul Lowe – Electrical all-rounder. An electrician and teacher for the last 30 years, Paul has an undying passion for repairs, and although partially retired, runs a repair shop from his back shed.

Marshall Heald, FOXTEL’s Executive Director of Entertainment said:

“Foxtel is excited to be shining a light on untold Australian stories, unearthing new talent, and growing our investment in the lifestyle genre. The Repair Shop Australia is a heart-warming and relatable format that uses family heirlooms to tell emotional Australian stories that audiences will fall in love with. The show will also introduce Australians to an exceptional cast of talented craftspeople helping reconnect us to the magic and beauty of the real world.”

The Repair Shop Australia is produced by Warner Bros International Television Productions (WBITVP) exclusively for Foxtel.

The Repair Shop Australia premieres Tuesdays at 8.30pm from 3 May on LifeStyle or On Demand.