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“The Sheikh” New Channel 4 Comedy for Sami Abu Wardeh



The Sheikh

In a new original “real world comedy” from the makers of Trainspotting With Francis Bourgeois, Untold Studios, character comedian Sami Abu Wardeh makes his Channel 4 debut as Sheikh Ahmed Al Kabir, the 867th richest person in the world.

The figure of a prankster wealthy Sheikh is brought to life by Sami and his personal protection officer (and former male stripper), Jimmy.

In order to spend his billions on “this wretched and underprivileged island,” the sheikh meets with members of the public and notable celebrities throughout the course of a five-part series. The sheikh will experience various aspects of British culture in each episode, such as football, fashion, death, food, and love. The sheikh is ready to spend his vast fortune at any time, and he can’t wait to open his Balenciaga wallet and see what he can buy.

Sheikh Ahmed Al Kabir said: “We love Channel 4 in my country! I am a big fan of their greatest shows like Coronation Street and ITV News at 10, but I am sorry to say that my recent attempt to purchase Channel 4 has failed, but I am very glad Channel 4 have offered me my own show in exchange for me not pursuing legal action for breach of contract.”

Charlie Hyland, Digital Commissioning Editor, Comedy at Channel 4 said: “Channel 4 has a rich history of throwing shameless comedy characters into the real world to cause havoc and The Sheikh is the next in line. Not only is he likeable, but he unwittingly pokes into often unchartered worlds inhabited by the super-rich, satirising their excesses with hilarious confidence!”

Untold Studios Executive Producer Jonathan Levene said: “We’re delighted Channel 4 have the chutzpah to allow us to continue nurturing new talent. It’s been an exciting journey to work with Sami on his first production, creating a character that takes a well-timed poke into the absurd world of extreme wealth.”

The Sheikh was created and Exec Produced by Jonathan Levene and Jack Kennedy at Untold Studios, with Sami Abu Wardeh. The series was produced by Alex Gilman and commissioned by Charlie Hyland in Channel 4’s Digital Commissioning Team.

Watch episode one on Channel 4’s comedy YouTube here now

Episode 2 will be live on Channel 4 Comedy YouTube from 5th February.