The Spencer Sisters: Case Closed as CTV and The CW Cancel Lea Thompson Series

The Spencer Sisters

In a blow to fans of the lighthearted procedural, The Spencer Sisters has been dealt a case-closed conclusion, with no plans for a second season on either CTV or The CW.

The Canadian drama series, which followed the mother-daughter duo of famous mystery novelist Victoria Spencer (Lea Thompson) and her daughter, former police officer Darby (Stacey Farber), as they navigated their newfound careers as private detectives, seemed to have all the ingredients for a successful series.

With a talented cast that included Thomas Olajide, Edward Ruttle, Husein Madhavji, and Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves, the show offered a unique take on the traditional detective agency trope, with the added quirk of the leading ladies often being mistaken for sisters.

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However, despite the positive reception from those who tuned in, the series struggled to find a foothold in the competitive world of television ratings. Airing on Wednesday nights, The Spencer Sisters averaged a 0.04 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and attracted an average live audience of 378,000 viewers, including those who watched via DVR playback.

It was Lea Thompson herself who took to Instagram to share the news of the show’s cancellation, expressing her sadness at not being able to continue portraying her fun character and thanking the fans who had rooted for the show.

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The post also hinted at the potential challenges the show faced, including a less-than-ideal time slot and the broader industry changes, such as strikes and staff turnover, that may have ultimately sealed its fate.

While the first season concluded in December, fans are now left to wonder what could have been, with many no doubt wishing another network would take a chance on this charming series.

The Spencer Sisters joins a growing list of shows that, despite finding an audience, have fallen victim to the ever-shifting landscape of television.

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