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The Traitors – Meet Aaron



Age: 24
Job title: Property Agent
Location: Portsmouth

Why did you apply to be on this brand-new reality series? And what interested you about the concept?

When I first heard about the show, the main things that interested me were the fact I was going to come to Scotland and meet new people, then that developed further down the line, and I wanted to do the challenges more. Since hearing what the challenges are about, that’s the biggest thing that’s excited me.

What do you think you’ll bring to the game?

I’ve got a background in sales, so I’ll be able to read people quite well. Body language, personality, that aspect. I’m also quite a happy chappy so I reckon I won’t be too intense. I’ll bring quite a lot of energy to the game.

Do you have a game plan?

This is a good question and I ask myself this all the time. Since first watching the Dutch version of the show, my plan has changed. At the beginning I thought I’ll play it more subtly, but since watching a couple of episodes I’ve seen they’re more likely to get kicked out, so I’ll probably speak up a lot more at the beginning. I won’t initiate anything because those people get sussed out quite soon too. I’d like to think I could spot the Traitors from the beginning and befriend them, so they’ll feel guilty about kicking me out.

If you are a Traitor, how do you think you’ll feel?

I’ll be so nervous, I’ll be stressing out because I know I’m not a good liar and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m quite an easy person to read, I’m a salesperson’s dream – they can sell anything to me. If I was a Traitor I would have to convince myself that I’m not, but I don’t know how far I’d get. If I was a Faithful, I’d probably progress a lot better.

Would you say you’ve got a good poker face?

I wouldn’t say not a good poker face, I’m just not very good at lying and then remembering the lies. I think in terms of being the Traitor there’s other people out there that are going to be better at being more deceitful and stabbing people in the back. That’s not really one of my values as such.

If you are a Traitor, how far are you prepared to go to win the game?

As far as I can, I will do anything realistically to get in the final group. Lie, manipulate, convince people and point the finger elsewhere to try and navigate the group and put the pressure on other people, and hopefully that will get me through to the end.

If you’re a Faithful, what do you think your game plan would be?

My game plan for a Faithful is to stay quite close to the Traitors. Play it subtly and try and get to the end without giving away too much where people are going to start suspecting me.

How good are you at spotting a liar?

I’m quite good at spotting liars due to being a real estate agent and working in sales. It’s quite a good tool to have, when you can suss someone out and work out what their intentions are. I think I’m very good at spotting liars.

If you are a Faithful, what qualities do you think you’re going to need to make it through to the final?

You need to make yourself as valuable as possible, so people don’t kick you out. If you can bring value to the table, then I don’t believe people will want you gone, such as being good at the challenges. At the end of the day, everyone’s in it to win the money. Becoming integrated into the groups and creating good friendships with people. People won’t want to kick out the ones that they’re already friends with. Also, to get in amongst it as much as I possibly can and get stuck in the challenges.

If you win the prize money, what do you think you’ll spend it on?

I’d probably put a deposit down for my Mum on a house and sort her out first. Then, if there’s anything left, I’d get myself a property as well.