The Twelve Episode 3, 11 April 2024, ITV1

ITVX's The Twelve - Sam Neill Talks

In this third episode of the gripping courtroom drama, The Twelve, viewers will witness the trial intensify as the Crown calls Claire’s best friend, Amita, to the stand, adding further complexity to the proceedings.

The episode, airing on ITV1 on Thursday 11 April, continues the story of twelve jurors with diverse backgrounds and personal histories as they navigate a murder trial that is as traumatising as it is controversial. The accused, Kate Lawson, stands accused of killing her teenage niece, and the trial delves into the complexities of the jurors’ lives, exploring their prejudices, secrets, and personal traumas.

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Sam Neill leads the cast as the no-nonsense legal counsel, Brett Colby SC, while Kate Mulvany portrays the accused, Kate Lawson. Marta Dusseldorp also stars as prosecuting lawyer Lucy Bloom QC.

The Twelve is based on the 2020 Belgian series, De Twaalf, and has garnered acclaim for its exploration of the fragility of the justice system and the impact of personal biases on the pursuit of truth.

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The Twelve continues to engage viewers with its blend of suspense and insight into the human condition.

The Twelve Episode 3 airs on ITV1 at 9:00 pm on Thursday 11 April 2024.

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