The Twelve Episode 4, 12 April 2024, ITV1

ITVX's The Twelve - Sam Neill Talks

The intriguing drama The Twelve continues its absorbing exploration of a high-profile murder trial and the lives of the jurors in Episode 4 airing on ITV1 on Friday 12 April.

At the heart of this episode is Kate Lawson and her provocative artwork, which takes centre stage in the courtroom. Kate’s art, with its preoccupation with mortality, becomes a key focus for the prosecution, led by Bloom, who suggests that Kate’s obsession with death influenced Claire’s tragic fate.

Meanwhile, a complicated mental health diagnosis is revealed, adding a nuanced dimension to the story and potentially offering insight into the actions and motivations of certain characters, including Vanessa, who finds herself deeply affected by these revelations.

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As the trial progresses, the personal subplots of jury members Arnold and Carl unfold. Arnold grapples with his disdain for his neighbours, while Carl faces escalating problems with his daughter, Juliette, adding to the mounting pressures they experience outside the courtroom.

In the witness stand, Marc Vogel recounts his involvement in a peaceful protest and his encounter with Fri, which led to the grim discovery of dead dogs. Marc’s testimony reveals his complex character—a man with a deep dislike for Stefaan and a short temper, as evidenced by his angry exchange with Frie during cross-examination. Questions about his relationship with Rose and hints of jealousy provide a possible motive for his actions.

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Despite some jurors harbouring doubts about Marc’s honesty, Carl, struggling with his family issues, finds himself empathising with Marc as a fellow concerned father. However, Marc’s attempts to influence the police and his intimate knowledge of certain details cast a shadow of suspicion. A pivotal moment arises when Marc’s knowledge of the gunshot wound to Britt’s neck is called into question, intensifying doubts about his role in the murder.

The Twelve Episode 4 airs on ITV1 at 9.00 pm on Friday 12 April 2024.

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