The Twelve Season 2: Award-Winning Australian Series Returns with a Bang This July on Binge

The Twelve Binge

Award-winning Australian series, The Twelve, returns with a brand-new season this July on Binge. Leaving the urban landscapes of Season One behind, the show takes us to the rural township of Tunkwell, introducing a fresh crime, a new jury, and a captivating mystery to unravel.

In the idyllic rural setting, the peacefulness is shattered when local landowner and town matriarch, Bernice Price, played by Kris McQuade, is found dead under mysterious circumstances. The question arises: Was it a crime of passion, a tragic accident, or simply misfortune?

This season, 12 ordinary citizens from diverse backgrounds, all from the township and its environs, must decide the fate of two ex-lovers accused of Bernice’s murder.

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The cast includes Sam Neill, reprising his role as Brett Colby SC, alongside Frances O’Connor, Tasma Walton and Kris McQuade. With a complex and intriguing narrative, the show should keep audiences guessing until the very end.

Alison Hurbert-Burns, Commissioner Foxtel Group and Executive Producer, expressed her pride in the upcoming season, praising the production team for delivering saying “we are incredibly proud of the next instalment of this premium drama series.”

The Twelve Season 2 is set to be Western Australia’s biggest production, boasting one of the largest ensemble casts ever assembled for an Australian series. With its critically acclaimed first season, the show has already made its mark, and now the highly anticipated second season is almost here.

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The Twelve Season 2 premieres Thursday, July 11, on Binge and Foxtel Showcase at 8.30 pm, with new episodes released weekly.

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