The Valley: The Big Bear Bombshell (Bravo Tuesday May 14, 2024)

The Valley

The Valley returns with a jam-packed episode, “The Big Bear Bombshell” airing on Bravo on Tuesday May 14 at 9.00pm. Jesse makes a bold claim upon his return from a spiritual retreat—a complete transformation. Meanwhile, most of the group escapes to Big Bear to celebrate Janet’s babymoon, leaving Kristen, Luke, and Zack to hold the fort. And if that’s not enough drama, Jax confronts Michelle about those cheating rumours. Will she be able to offer an explanation?

Last Week on The Valley: Exclusion and Explosive Revelations

Tensions rise in the eighth episode of The Valley titled “The Invite Fight”, centers around the ongoing turmoil within the friend circle, specifically exploring the fallout from selective invitations to events.

Kristen doubles down on her stance regarding rumours of Jesse and Michelle, backed by texts from Jax, unaware that their conversation was captured on camera.

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Brittany and Jax’s marital woes persist, with cameras capturing their tense moments and a dinner party where Brittany ends up in tears.

The exclusive dinner party, hosted by Janet and Jason, further exacerbates the rift within the group as Kristen and Luke are noticeably excluded. Janet’s decision fuels the ongoing drama, with Kristen expressing her anger.

Introducing Janet’s friend, Jared, who performs as drag queen Sparkles, brings a fun game night, but it does little to ease the underlying tensions.

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Jesse’s efforts to save his marriage with Michelle by attending a spiritual retreat may be in vain as Michelle doubts his commitment to change.

Meanwhile, Kristen refocuses her energy on relaunching her clothing line with a fashion show, intentionally excluding Janet and Michelle, adding fuel to the fire.

In a climactic conclusion, Jax revels in revealing to Kristen that she and Luke are excluded from Janet and Jason’s babymoon, upsetting Zack, who feels isolated as the sole single friend.

The Big Bear Bombshell can be seen tonight, 5/14, at 9 pm on BRAVO.

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