The Yorkshire Vet on Channel 5: High-Stakes Deliveries and Deer Antibiotics

Channel 5

The Yorkshire Vet returns with another heartwarming episode, airing on Channel 5 on Tuesday 21 May. In this installment, the dedicated veterinary team faces new challenges as they care for a diverse range of animals.

In Episode 5, viewers will witness the high-stakes drama as Peter Wright races against time to assist a farmer whose ewe is experiencing a difficult delivery. The life of the ewe and her lamb hangs in the balance, and Peter’s expertise is crucial in ensuring a safe outcome.

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Meanwhile, Matt Smith embarks on a unique veterinary mission, taking aim to administer antibiotics to a rare and unwell young deer. It’s an assignment that Matt light-heartedly compares to a James Bond mission. At Cannon Hall Farm, Rohin Aojula focuses his attention on the musically named alpacas, scanning them to determine if they are pregnant.

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Additionally, the veterinary team expresses concern for a French bulldog that may be suffering from bladder stones. The episode also includes a visit from Julian Norton to his old friend, farmer Chris, as Julian offers his support and expertise.

Don’t miss The Yorkshire Vet: Episode 5, airing on Channel 5 on Tuesday, 21 May 2024, at 8:00 PM.

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