The Young and Restless (CBS Monday June 24, 2024)

The Young and the Restless

On the Monday June 24 episode of The Young and Restless, Devon reconsiders his Paris trip, initially planned with Abby. With Ashley’s health crisis, Devon may opt to stay in Genoa City, leaving Abby to lean on Traci and Jack for support.

Meanwhile, Devon joins a business meeting at Chancellor-Winters, where he and Lily continue their scheme to deceive Billy about their true intentions regarding the Abbott-Chancellor merger. Lily intends to work at Winters, but for now, she’s focused on manipulating Billy into believing she’s on board with their joint venture.

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Mamie is likely to be upset when she learns of their deception, as she prefers her family members to work for their own company. Despite their ruse, Devon can’t shake the feeling he had when he first saw Billy and Lily celebrating together. It seems the show is hinting at a potential reunion for the pair, which could spell trouble for Devon.

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Elsewhere, Kyle’s frustration with Diane continues to mount, whether it’s over the Foley deal or their daily clashes. As a result, he’s starting to see the appeal of Victor’s offer to co-run Glissade with Audra Charles. When the two meet at the athletic club, Kyle may be tempted to make a career move that would give him more opportunities than Jabot currently offers.

The Young and Restless airs Monday, June 24, 2024, at 12:30 p.m. on CBS.

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