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The Young and the Restless Today on CBS Thursday February 22, 2024



The Young and the Restless

On Thursday, February 22, at 12.30pm on CBS, viewers can expect a brand new episode of the long-running soap opera “The Young and the Restless.” In this latest installment, a series of encounters and conversations unfold, shedding light on the complex relationships and dynamics within the show’s ensemble cast.

One storyline focuses on Seth as he meets up with Jordan to express his gratitude for her encouragement to reconnect with Nikki. Jordan acknowledges the positive aspect of their rekindled relationship but reveals that she believes it is too late for her to reconcile with Nikki due to lingering pain. Meanwhile, at the ranch, Nikki’s unease prompts her to seek solace outside of her home. She confides in Lauren about Seth’s visit and ponders the identity of the mysterious person from AA who urged him to reach out.

Over at Newman Enterprises, Nick picks up on Victor’s distracted state and they discuss Adam’s proposal to have Sally Spectra head a design division. Nick cautions that giving in to Adam’s demands could potentially trigger his old behavior but also suggests considering granting Adam’s request as a means of maintaining peace within the family. Victor understands his son’s perspective but advises Nick to ensure that any decision benefits Newman Enterprises as well.

Adam meets with Chelsea at his residence to discuss concerns regarding their son Connor possibly having OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Seeking guidance on explaining OCD over the phone, Adam contacts Sharon for assistance. Sharon emphasizes patience while exploring other possible explanations for Connor’s struggles.


Later in the episode, Chelsea confides in Billy about their son’s potential condition and he offers support by offering to accompany her when visiting Connor’s school. At GCAC (Genoa City Athletic Club), Sally expresses frustration over feeling blindsided by Adam but recognizes the potential value of having a design division under Newman Enterprises’ umbrella. Chloe voices her skepticism, reminding Sally of past experiences when Victor abruptly changed course.

When Adam arrives at GCAC, Chloe warns Sally against making hasty decisions and leaves the two alone. Despite their differences, Adam confides in Sally about Connor’s challenges, prompting her to offer him a comforting embrace despite her lingering resentment over his previous actions.

Meanwhile, Victor discusses his plan regarding Claire Grace with Nick. He aims to simplify Jordan’s access to their daughter by releasing Claire early and placing her under Victoria’s custody as a means of delivering a message about making amends. Back at the ranch, Nikki engages in a heated argument with Victor regarding leaving the property; however, he assures her that he is on the verge of executing the second phase of his plan.

Tune in to CBS on Thursday, February 22 at 12.30pm for this latest episode of “The Young and the Restless.”


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