TikTok Star Murders: Peacock’s Documentary Exposes a Dark Side of Social Media

Peacock’s upcoming documentary, ‘TikTok Star Murders’, explores the tragic killings of Ana Abulaban and Rayburn Barron, committed by Ali Abulaban, a prominent social media personality known for his TikTok presence as “JinnKid.” The documentary, set to air on June 25, 2024, offers a glimpse into the darker side of Abulaban’s life, revealing aspects that were hidden from his thousands of followers.

Ali and Ana Abulaban’s relationship, despite appearing idyllic on social media, was marred by domestic violence, obsession, and addiction. Their public fights and Abulaban’s possessiveness were documented online, with Abulaban even livestreaming moments leading up to the murders. The documentary includes interviews with friends and family, who describe Ana as living in fear, providing a stark contrast to the comedic impressions that brought Abulaban online fame.

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Never-before-seen cellphone footage and audio recordings offer harrowing insights into the couple’s tumultuous dynamic. In one such recording, Ana confronts her husband, stating, “Ali, this marriage is not healthy anymore.” Abulaban’s conviction that Ana was unfaithful led him to install a listening device on their daughter’s iPad, which ultimately fueled his deadly actions.

On the day of the murders, Abulaban broke into their San Diego apartment and shot Barron three times before fatally shooting Ana. He confessed to the crimes to his mother, Dalal Warra, and was arrested soon after. Found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder, Abulaban now faces the possibility of life in prison when he is sentenced on June 28.

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‘TikTok Star Murders’ sheds light on the dangers of social media fame, exposing how Abulaban’s obsession with control and his desire for online popularity contributed to the tragic outcome. The documentary prompts important discussions about the potential consequences of online celebrity and the often-hidden realities behind seemingly perfect social media facades.

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