“TLC’s ‘Forbidden Love’ Explores Couples’ Struggles with Interfaith Relationships”


TLC’s new series, “Forbidden Love,” examines the challenges faced by couples deeply in love but hailing from different religious backgrounds. The show explores whether their relationships can withstand the pressures of religious conversion and cultural differences, or if these obstacles will prove too great for their love to overcome.

The series, which premieres on July 21, follows four couples as they navigate the impact of religious and cultural disparities on their lives. One partner from each couple is either undergoing a religious conversion or has chosen to distance themselves from their family’s faith and traditions.

Meet the four couples and learn about their unique journeys:

Ashley (31) and Mohammad (31):
Ashley, raised in a conservative Catholic household, is married to Mohammad, a Muslim. Their relationship encountered resistance from Mohammad’s twin, who preferred his brother to marry a Muslim woman. Adding to the complexity is their 3-year-old daughter, Rozie. Mohammad wishes for Ashley to convert to Islam so that their daughter can be raised within his faith, but Ashley grapples with the idea of adhering to strict Muslim laws. Her family, in contrast, doesn’t see the necessity of her changing her religion for Mohammad.

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Laurie (36) and Eli (32):
Laurie, brought up in a devout Catholic family, abandoned her religion after her father’s untimely passing. She met Eli, an Orthodox Jew already devoted to his faith. To secure their future together, Laurie decided to convert to Judaism. However, the conversion process entails significant changes, including alterations to her appearance, mandatory classes, and a substantial lifestyle shift. Laurie is left wondering if sacrificing so much of herself is worth it, even for the love of her life.

Lindsey (34) and Elmer (23):
Lindsey, the older partner in her relationship, had preconceived notions about the kind of husband Elmer would be when he left the Amish community to marry her. She anticipated a wholesome and loyal partnership. However, she soon discovers that cultural differences present unforeseen complexities. Their relationship is tested by Elmer’s difficulties in adapting to life outside the Amish community, coupled with the fact that he has been disowned by his family. Despite these challenges, their strong connection, chemistry, and shared sense of humor sustain them, especially with a baby on the way.

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Lensa (32) and Kris (37):
Kris, the son of a Pentecostal preacher, falls in love with Lensa, a Muslim woman who has been in two arranged marriages. Their relationship encounters opposition from both families, leaving the couple at odds. They each want the other to convert to their respective religions. The question arises: will one of them choose love over their religion, even if it means losing their family? Or will the strain of their differences prove too much for their relationship to bear?

“Forbidden Love” provides a thought-provoking look at how love fares when confronted with the challenges of religious and cultural disparities. Will these couples’ relationships persevere, or will the weight of their differences ultimately tear them apart?

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