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TLC’s New Series “Addicted to Marriage” Follows Women Who Love to Be in Love




ADDICTED TO MARRIAGE follows the lives of four intriguing women who love to get married. Meet Monette, Shae, Amy, and Kecia, who collectively have been down the aisle a total of 20 times! Each marriage enthusiast is ready to say “I do” again, but are the men in their lives ready? Watch ADDICTED TO MARRIAGE to find out on Tuesday, November 16 @ 10PM ET/PT.

Some of the women know exactly what they want in a future marriage while others struggle with their pasts. One of the brides-to-be has a list she refers to as the ‘Triple A’: attention, affection, and appreciation whereas others grapple with revealing how many times they’ve said ‘I do’ because of their lurking insecurities of potentially failing at yet another marriage. The women know they trust quickly and love hard but the relationship highs are often met with intense drama and scrutiny by the men they love. Will their willingness for a happy ending with Prince Charming push the men in their life away or will they finally have the happily ever after they have been longing for?

Meet the women:

· In Utah, Monette is gearing up for her 12th marriage, this time with boyfriend John. Despite pressure from friends and family to avoid another walk down the aisle, Monette has her sights set! Just as Monette is cooking up ways to push John into marrying her, John’s beginning to wonder if he’s ready to be the next in a long line of husbands for Monette.

· In California, 30-year-old Shae desperately wants to make her boyfriend Joe her next husband, but she’s keeping a huge secret from him. Shae hasn’t told Joe she’s been engaged four times and married twice. The secret weighs heavily on Shae as she works up the courage to share her past with Joe before it’s too late.

· In Idaho, Amy has her aim directed at Geno to become husband #5. However, she just told Geno about her past four failed marriages long after they had been together for years, had a baby together and moved from Florida to Idaho to be closer to her friends and family. Though Amy and Geno are in love, Amy worries that her past has scared Geno and is sending him running in the opposite direction.

· In New Jersey, glamorous and successful attorney Kecia has found the love of her life, again. Current fiancée Ernst loves Kecia, despite her past three failed marriages. Kecia won’t settle for anything less than the best, and she’s pushing hard to make marriage #4 unforgettable, despite the cost or impact on her relationship.

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ADDICTED TO MARRIAGE is produced for TLC by ITV America’s ThinkFactory Media.