TLC’s”1000-lb Sisters” & “Smothered” Return to Tuesday Nights This December


Two popular TLC family series, SMOTHERED and 1000-LB SISTERS, return for a double-stacked sampling on Tuesday nights in December. 1000-LB SISTERS will premiere on Tuesday, December 12 at 9PM ET/PT, followed by SMOTHERED at 10PM ET/PT. Amy and Tammy navigate significant personal changes this season on 1000-LB SISTERS, while SMOTHERED returns with four new, two returning, and one first-time mother-son-in-law pairings.

1000-LB SISTERS: Premieres Tuesday, December 12 at 9pm ET/PT

Tammy confronts the realities of life when she is granted permission to return home after a period exceeding a year in rehabilitation. She is now prepared for the next phase due to this breakthrough; however, her husband Caleb is denied permission to accompany her. In addition to coming to terms with her new body and life at home, Tammy achieves several momentous achievements for the first time in over a decade, including driving in the front passenger seat. Subsequently, Amy’s matrimonial union is profoundly disrupted, compelling her to confront the most arduous choice of her lifetime. Chris persists in his pursuit of undergoing skin removal surgery, whereas Amanda and Misty commence their individual health initiatives. 1000-LB SISTERS is produced for TLC by Crazy Legs Productions.

SMOTHERED: Premieres Tuesday, December 12 at 10pm ET/PT

SMOTHERED returns with new duos that are more intimate than ever before. These pairs engage in synchronized hobby horsing and exchange “vagacials” between themselves; they accomplish anything and everything as a unit. No boundaries exist among the four newly formed pairs, which includes the very first mother-in-law and son-in-law of SMOTHERED. Personal space does not exist in this household. Bodega Pictures, in collaboration with New York Post Entertainment, produces SMOTHERED for TLC.

Presented in the new season of SMOTHERED are the following mother-daughter pairs, each eager to celebrate their bonds and demonstrate how much they resemble one another:

Catherine, 56, and Gabriella, 23 – Clinton, CT

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No one does “twinning” better than Catherine and Gabriella, pageant queens! Catherine and Gabriella, who are perpetually matched in attire, are both determined for Gabriella to win the Miss Connecticut USA title, just as Catherine did in her early twenties. In the weeks leading up to the pageant, Catherine and Gabriella enter a state of intense preparation. They collaborate on the design of matching wardrobes, consume healing celery juice on a daily basis, engage in physical activity (including “Rocky-style” bleacher runs at the local high school), and stroll like flamingos at the zoo. Gabriella has no room for anything else in her life; Catherine only desires that she concentrate on her mother and pageants.

Eva, 65, and Sunnie, 36 – Houston, TX

This deeply affectionate mother and daughter bond is preoccupied with the peculiar. Both the mother and daughter are proprietors of boutique salons specializing in esthetics. As evidenced by the fact that they perform facials on one another and shave each other’s armpits, Eva and Sunnie are not afraid to get personal with their skincare. Having been in a relationship with Scott for nearly a year, Sunnie is now considering matrimony. Eva is being overly insistent on the possibility of an engagement, while Scott is not prepared to make the plunge.

India, 59, and her son-in-law Trevor, 37 – Atlanta, GA

This relationship is extremely puzzling. How did a son-in-law and mother-in-law become so intimately acquainted? They clean each other’s ears and eat from each other’s mouths; India even intends to have dentures fabricated from a mold of Trevor’s mouth so that they may share the same smile. Their proximity particularly disturbs DeLeesa, the wife of Trevor and the daughter of India. India has been residing with Trevor and DeLeesa for the past two years, and her marital status is being strained due to her relationship with Trevor. Given her current pregnancy and the heightened importance of her husband’s support, DeLeesa issues an ultimatum to Trevor.

Sky, 45, and Skylar, 19 – Atlanta, GA

In addition to having the same name, Skylar is developing into an exact replica of her mother. They are so intertwined that Sky asserts herself to be the intellect of her daughter. Ever since she was a child, Skylar has aspired to be identical to her mother. Sky, a dancer, choreographer, and singer, had long held the ambition of becoming the next Beyonce. However, her aspirations were dashed when she unexpectedly gave birth to her children. Sky abandoned her personal aspirations and devoted her entire being to Skylar’s professional development when Skylar demonstrated the same ability. However, this can be problematic when you have a “momager” such as Sky.

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Kathy, 64, and Cristina, 38 (returning duo) – Norridge, IL

Kathy and Cristina, an Italian duo of extraordinary stature, keep each other informed of every single day. The proximity between them is a mere four houses, and Cristina considers her mother-daughter relationship to be the most significant of all her relationships—including those with her spouse and children. Kathy fears that she is approaching her sixth retirement year, which is sooner than she would like to acknowledge. Her own 68th birthday approaches, and both her mother and grandmother passed away at that age. So as to commemorate her birthday, Kathy desires an atypical gathering…at a funeral home. Cristina concludes, however, that this birthday party may contain more than she initially anticipated after Kathy discloses her recent prognosis. Is Kathy’s health in fact at risk?

Mary 59, and Brittani, 23 (returning duo) – Hobe Sound, FL

Mary and Brittani share a bed, ensure that they never miss a dinner together, converse about intimate matters, and have recently adopted synchronized hobby horsing as a form of exercise. Considering the recent demise of Mary’s partner, Frank, they have developed into true best friends. However, a new man has arrived to disrupt the status quo: TJ, the boyfriend of Brittani. Mary is adamant that TJ is not the right man for Brittani, but she is cautious so as not to alienate her daughter. However, Mary is unaware that TJ and Brittani are concealing a secret from one another.

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