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Travel Streamer Journy Highlights for February 2023



Travel Streamer Journy Highlights for February 2023

The month of February sees the streaming debut on JOURNY of Travel Guides New Zealand, Chasing the Sun, David Rocco’s Dolce Napoli, and Here I Come, as well as the launch of the brand new Travel Quest with Bill Ball.

The fast-paced Travel Quest with Bill Ball follows Bill Ball, a travel specialist, as he explores the world in search of the extraordinary. This is not your normal travel show; the hosts have been face to face with some of the world’s largest crocodiles, snorkeled with hundreds of jellyfish, walked on the lip of an erupting volcano, fed a group of sharks without a cage, and bicycled across the Serengeti.

Five separate sets of Kiwi tourists are followed as they go on adventures within the Land of the Long White Cloud in Travel Guides New Zealand. Our tourists will become travel critics, evaluating and assessing their vacation experiences in ways that only Travel Guides can provide. Some people’s vision of paradise is another’s worst nightmare, and in these six action-packed episodes, our vocal travelers will be forced out of their comfort zones as they provide their honest, often funny, opinions on New Zealand’s one-of-a-kind tourist attractions.

Stephen Jake Friedman (The Blueprint on Fox Networks), a former professional surfer and current international model, embarks on a world tour in the documentary Chasing the Sun. Stephen’s interactions with the locals he encounters provide the series’ narrative drive. Stephen goes all throughout Asia, seeing places like Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, India, and India.

David Rocco is in Italy for Dolce Napoli, one of the world’s oldest inhabited towns and a paradise for foodies and tourists. This city in Southern Italy is not only the place where pizza and espresso as we know them were invented, but it is also home to world-famous musical institutions and a bustling cultural scene, making it the ideal destination for David’s gastronomic exploration.

Here I Come: Come along on the adventures of South African model and actress Shamoné Jardim as she travels around the United States on her own. St. Petersburg and Clearwater will be the first stops. Accompany her on her travels as she meets new people, tries new foods, and learns about the history and culture of these places.

JOURNY is free to stream and is available on 300MM+ connected TVs via Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, as well as on millions of iOS and Android mobile devices.