Trucking Heavy: Season 3 Episode 4 (5Action, Thursday 6 June 2024)

Trucking Hell

Trucking Heavy returns with a brand new episode on 5Action on Thursday 6 June. In this latest installment, the team faces new challenges as they navigate road closures and unusual cargo.

The episode follows the team as they embark on two unique missions. First, they must collect a 50-ton excavator from a farm in North Wales, but their plans are hindered by unexpected road closures, leading to a tricky journey.

Elsewhere, Nick and Oscar are tasked with transporting a life-size metal stegosaurus. The massive dinosaur needs to be carefully moved over a 25-mile distance to its new home at RHS Garden Wisley.

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This episode highlights the specialised skills and problem-solving abilities of the Allelys team as they navigate obstacles and ensure the safe delivery of their unusual and oversized cargo. With their expertise and determination, they take on these challenging missions, ensuring that even the most unconventional loads reach their destinations.

Trucking Heavy: Episode 4 airs on Thursday, 6 June 2024, at 9:00 pm on 5Action.

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