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True Crime Drama “Black Girl Missing” Gets March Premiere from Lifetime



Beyond the Headlines: Black Girl Missing

Black Girl Missing, which premieres Saturday March 4 on Lifetime, from executive producer and star Garcelle Beauvais (Spider-Man: Homecoming, White House Down), is based on true stories of missing women of color and tells the story of a mother whose daughter goes missing, only to have authorities and the media dismiss her as a runaway while focusing heavily on another missing person who is white.

The film is a part of the Lifetime initiative to end violence against women. A public service announcement (PSA) for the Black and Missing Foundation featuring Beauvais will be released in conjunction with the film.

About Black Girl Missing

After an altercation with her daughter Lauren (Iyana Halley), Cheryl (Garcelle Beauvais) begins to worry that Lauren is avoiding her calls and texts but then finds that Lauren has gone missing. Cheryl  tries to get aid from the authorities, but they write her off as a runaway since they are preoccupied with the case of a missing white girl. Cheryl and her daughter Marley, who is 15, enlist the help of a group of enthusiastic amateur internet sleuths (played by Taylor Mosby) in an effort to locate Lauren. Moreover, Cheryl learns about the Black and Missing Foundation, where she is shocked to learn that missing people of color are often given far less attention from the media and law police than white missing persons.

Linda Park co-stars as Elise, a local reporter who goes against the wishes of her news director in an attempt to help Cheryl in the film.

The film has the support of Derrica and Natalie Wilson, the organization’s founders and the Black and Missing Foundation’s official consultants. The Black and Missing Foundation, Inc. (BAMF) is a charitable organization with the goals of raising public consciousness about the plight of missing people of color, giving those missing’s loved ones access to necessary resources and tools, and teaching people from underrepresented groups how to protect themselves. A new public service announcement (PSA) featuring Garcelle Beauvais will air in support of Black and Missing Foundation’s initiatives.

Black Girl Missing is produced for Lifetime by Johnson Production Group in association with Motion Content Group. Garcelle Beauvais, Tim Johnson, Stacy Mandelberg, Gordon Gilbertson, Jason Egenberg, Richard Foster, and Chet Fenster are executive producers. Delmar Washington (Outsiders) directs from a script written by Kale Futterman (Samir).

Beyond the Headlines: Black Girl Missing, a Lifetime special that follows the true stories of black women who have gone missing, will premiere alongside the film. The special will feature interviews with the women’s families and the Black and Missing Foundations’ involvement in the cases.

Produced by AMS, Andy Streitfeld serves as EP and Kim Clemons is the showrunner. Natalie and Derrica Wilson of the Black and Missing Foundation are also consultants.