Tulsa King Season Two Now Filming for Paramount+

Tulsa King,” the hit Paramount+ series starring Sylvester Stallone, has begun production on its second season. The show, created by Taylor Sheridan, received an early renewal after its record-breaking first season, which became one of the most-watched series on the streaming service.

The series follows Stallone’s character, Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a New York mafia capo who is released from prison after a 25-year sentence and exiled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he sets out to build a new criminal empire. The first season saw Dwight assembling a crew of unlikely criminals, including Bodhi (Martin Starr), Manny (Max Casella), and Mitch (Garrett Hedlund), while also reconnecting with his estranged daughter, Tina (Tatiana Zappardino).

The season one finale ended with a cliffhanger, leaving Dwight’s fate in the balance as he was arrested by the ATF, set up by his love interest and ATF agent, Stacy Beale (Andrea Savage). The second season is expected to resolve this cliffhanger and explore the fallout of Dwight’s arrest, including potential legal troubles and the threat of revenge from Chickie (Domenick Lombardozzi), the new boss of the Invernizzi family.

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Season two will see the return of the main cast, including Stallone, Savage, Starr, Casella, Hedlund, Lombardozzi, and Zappardino, who has been upped to a series regular. Joining the directing team is Craig Zisk, a five-time Emmy nominee known for his work on “Weeds” and “The Larry Sanders Show.” Zisk will also serve as an executive producer.

The series will be filmed in Oklahoma and Atlanta, marking a change from the first season, which was primarily shot in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The move may be due to tax incentives and the challenging weather conditions the production crew faced during the first season.

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While an official release date has not been announced, the second season is expected to premiere in late 2024 or early 2025, following a similar production timeline as the first season.

“Tulsa King” has been a critical and commercial success, with Stallone’s performance and the show’s blend of crime drama and comedy resonating with viewers. The series has also received praise for its writing and has sparked discussions about potential spin-offs, similar to the expanded universe created by Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” franchise.

With production underway and a release date expected in the coming months, fans can look forward to more updates and promotions for the highly anticipated second season of “Tulsa King.”

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