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UK Reality Series BRITS DOWN UNDER Streaming on 9Now



The very recent Channel 4 reality series “Brits Down Under” takes centre stage on Channel 9’s streaming service, 9Now. This engaging show follows a group of young British backpackers, aged between 18 and 30, as they embark on a unique adventure in the Australian Outback. Their mission? To engage in manual labor for a month with the hope of extending their working holiday visas.

In Episode 1, the backpackers arrive at their destination and are warmly welcomed by local farmer Grant and his partner Maeva, who have been hosting adventurous travelers at their farm stay home for over a decade. Once settled in, Grant assesses their capabilities through various tasks on his farm to determine whether they will be assigned work on nearby farms.

Episode 2 finds the backpackers five days into their remote farm stay experience. Those fortunate enough to secure paid employment are sent off to work on a goat farm. Elliot, who had previously lost his job on another farm, is given a second chance by Grant but encounters difficulties once again. As part of a bonding exercise, Grant takes the rest of the group camping in the outback, only to face an unexpected challenge when their truck becomes trapped in deep mud. The Brits must unite their efforts to free it.

In Episode 3, some members of the group find themselves packing pomegranates or working at citrus and fruit farms while others do not have paid employment but instead take part in daily chores and help care for Ravioli the baby goat under Grant and Maeva’s watchful eyes.


Episode 4 falls on a rainy Saturday when some backpackers seize the opportunity for leisure time by visiting the nearest town before attending its annual rodeo show. Meanwhile, Grant conducts an inspection back at the farm and is taken aback by what he discovers regarding adherence to house rules.

As Episode 5 unfolds, pressure mounts for nine remaining backpackers as they strive to make a lasting impression on Grant and the local farmers. Andy surprises himself with his fence-building skills, Lily handles heavy machinery, and Nico and Lily are faced with the challenge of rescuing a trapped goat, putting their nerves to the test.

In Episode 6, viewers witness the blossoming relationship between Jordon and Lily while Gary reveals some intriguing rumors circulating among the bunk beds. An awkward disagreement emerges during dinner, Tuesday faces complications during pomegranate picking due to questionable chicken, and as their time at the farm stay nears its end, Elliot and Abbey organize an awards ceremony to commemorate their shared experiences. The group is pleasantly surprised when Grant displays a more sensitive and emotional side.

“Brits Down Under” is streaming on 9Now.


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