Under the Bridge: Three and Seven (Hulu, May 22, 2024)

Under The Bridge

A brand new episode from the Hulu true-crime drama series Under the Bridge is here. The seventh episode, titled “Three and Seven,” airs on May 22, 2024, and explores the unfolding trial’s impact on the characters.

The trial takes center stage as Rebecca, played by Riley Keough, questions who she should defend. Meanwhile, Cam Bentland, a local police officer played by Lily Gladstone, finds her allegiance to the justice system tested as revealing details emerge about the night of the murder.

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Based on the true story of the 1997 murder of fourteen-year-old Reena Virk, Under the Bridge looks into the hidden world of the young girls accused of the crime.

The series is adapted from the book of the same name by Rebecca Godfrey, who passed away in 2022. It focuses on the murder of Reena Virk, a teenager who rebels against her strict Indian-Canadian family and seeks friendship from a dangerous clique known as the CMC (Crips Mafia Cartel).

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Under the Bridge stars Keough as Rebecca Godfrey and Gladstone as Cam Bentland. It also features Vritika Gupta as Reena Virk, Chloe Guidry as Josephine Bell, and Javon “Wanna” Walton as Warren Glowatski.

Under the Bridge: Three and Seven airs Monday, May 22, 2024, on Hulu.

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