Unreported World: Divorce Mauritania Style, Friday, May 10, 2024, Channel 4

Channel 4

In this episode of Unreported World, reporter Ayshah Tull explores the unique divorce culture of Mauritania, where women are taking control of their marriages and initiating splits with celebratory parties.

In the West African country of Mauritania, divorce is a common occurrence, with approximately half of all women ending at least one marriage. Ayshah Tull meets Teslem Milid, a 26-year-old woman in the city of Chinguetti, who is throwing a party to celebrate her fourth divorce. In a break from traditional arranged marriages, Teslem is determined to find her next husband herself, using social media and festivities to attract prospective partners.

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However, as Tull discovers, this seemingly empowering trend also has its challenges and unintended consequences. She speaks to Teslem’s mother, who shares the risks and difficulties that can arise from divorce.

In the capital city of Nouakchott, Tull uncovers the impact of high divorce rates on mothers and children, with many struggling to make ends meet. Yet, despite these issues, a sense of community and support has emerged, with women creating a ‘divorce economy’ to help each other through difficult times.

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Unreported World: Divorce Mauritania Style airs on Channel 4 on Friday, May 10, at 7:30 pm.

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