Walker: A History of Horrors and Other Tales (The CW, May 29, 2024)


The CW’s Walker returns with a brand new episode titled “A History of Horrors and Other Tales.” The episode airs on Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

In this episode, Geri discusses expanding her bar, The Side Step, with Liam’s help. She meets with an influencer, Rose Ryan, who proposes opening a second location in Oklahoma City. Geri decides to pursue this expansion independently, causing a rift between her and Cordell, who feels left out.

Cassie, Luna, and Trey grab some queso at The Side Step, discussing the Jackal case. Cassie and Luna engage in some light flirting, with Luna spending the night at Cassie’s place. The next morning, Luna makes Cassie coffee, and the two share a kiss.

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Colton receives a letter from his estranged grandmother, Gale, the first contact since the Davidson-Walker feud ended. Colton seeks advice from Stella and August, who encourage him to proceed at his own pace. Stella and Colton’s previous breakup is also revealed.

Larry remains distant from Cordell, feeling that he’s been kept in the dark about the Jackal case. Cordell follows Larry to a meeting with Henry, who reveals that Joe Barnes is the Jackal. However, this lead doesn’t pan out, and the search for the Jackal continues.

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Bonham remains annoyed with August for the trouble he’s caused, and Liam’s plan to turn the ranch into a horse rescue centre sparks an argument with Bonham.

This will be the last season of the show with the news that The CW has cancelled it after four season.

Walker: A History of Horrors and Other Tales airs Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at 8:00 PM on The CW.

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